Online Start-up Business Laws: A short summary

By: Tanya Debi

Many people waited for Cyber Monday, rather than wait in lines on Black Friday. Why? Because it’s easier to shop from your comfy bed. These online business are thriving with sales like these and it seems as though you can start an online business as easy as you would shop in it. But before you can become successful with an online business, there are some laws that you need to comply with before you launch the site.

Sabrina Fiorellino, a business and fashion lawyer, touches on it briefly, “On the online store, you would need a designer, you would need a privacy policy, terms and conditions on your website, and you would also need an anti-spam policy on your website.

Ashlee Froese, creator of and lawyer herself, expands on e-commerce platforms.

Ashlee Froese

Ashlee Froese

“Spam is a huge issue and a real thorn in business’s sides. You have to have terms of use, if you are dealing with confidential, sensitive information and you do have to have privacy policies. If you’re generating business from email, for example, you now have to comply with anti-spam legislation.”

These laws are not something that should be avoided because it will be less of headache in the long run if you obey them.

“If you’re in compliance ahead of time, it’s going to be a lot easier, cheaper, less of a headache and less complicated then dealing with it when it is part of a dispute,” Froese said, “There are financial penalties when you are not in compliance.”

Froese also touches on the dark side of the online business, the anti-spam law. It is really something that is meant to go after the mass spammers, not the small ones. But, hey, you never know.

“Anti spam was created, with a two year ramp-up, to try and minimize unwanted electronic messages. It is new legislation and it is new of its kind to Canada.”

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